Famous for the #100kChallenge, but are his results fabricated?

Chris Sain has become legendary as a Youtube investor in 2020. His 100KChallenge began as a way for viewers to leave the “corporate plantation” and grow their accounts from 0 to 100k over the course of a year. …

Should you buy now or wait?

Photo by Photoholgic on Unsplash

The genetic testing firm is going public through a Special Purpose Acquisition Company(SPAC) instead of the traditional IPO process. 23 and Me isn’t going public through just any SPAC, its specifically making its debut through a Richard Branson(Virgin’s Founder) backed blank check company, $VGAC…

Deciding If Your Pastor Is Annointed

It May Be Time To Switch Churches

Church is a place sinners and saints go to receive the word of God. However, that message can get muffled through all the politics of church, the fashion show, relationships or even the misguided leadership of a…


This is the story of a small church in which the pastor plays God. Of course he isn’t, but the members(women at least) believe he is. This is evident by the way they treat the man. He does no wrong, even when…


That’s the message send when black people are murdered and no one is prosecuted.

What stops a 50 year old man from raping a 4 year old girl? The law, right? Of course no one would take advantage of minors when there are laws in place that punishes anyone…

Carleton Douglas

Day Trader | Programmer | Business Owner | Serial Entrepreneur

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